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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

J-harp happenings

Greetings one and all! If this is your first time on this blog and don’t know much about the jaw harp, click here to get a primer.

Following are some updates from the j-harp world.

Danibal in Holland has been busy performing with his two-man band, Plunk! Somebody recorded them with a phone camera and here’s a sample in which he plays with three Schlütter j-harps::

If you are interested and have time, there are many more videos here.

Vladiswar Nadishana in Russia (I think) has also been experimenting with multiple harps. Here he plays four Altaian Khomuses.

Here’s a close-up photo showing his creation. He is also having a series of performances in the next few months. Vladiswar's website is at http://nadishana.com

Also in Russia, George Andriyanov aka Father Gorry of Bugotak is finishing work on a new album. We should hear from him very soon.

In Poland, Youtuber rafciu2you posted what appears to be an instructional video. Only problem is, it's in Polish. If anybody can translate, please let us know.

I received an email from Luca in Italy, Catania to be precise. He's involved with a group that has been busy having the second annual Marranzano World Festival. Sicily in the Spring just seems like a perfect place to be.

Here is a video of his band IPERcuSONICI having way too much fun.

Luca was also kind enough to send in an archive recording from the 60's by Giuseppe Giuffrida (aka "u'Curtigghiaru") from Catania, playing a short traditional dance tune. This was recorded by Roberto Leydi and published by Albatros.

From China by way of France, Wang Li has been busy as well. He posted a couple videos and here's one.

He's also selling part of his private collection. Contact him via his website to inquire about prices. He speaks English and will answer any questions you may have.

Also from France, a CD release of new recordings by the Yakut virtusoso Spiridon S. Chichigu. More info in French here. You can order the CD straight from Emilie.

Another CD release comes from Doctor Oakroot in the U.S. He uses the j-harp on some tracks. His new CD is now available at CD Baby.

Dr. O has been making homemade instruments since he was a kid and now plays mostly homemade cigar box guitars. He plays rough-edged blues and is an active member of the CBG Yahoo group that promotes Prim Rock. They are a great bunch of guys and gals who play one, two, three and even sometimes FOUR strings.

I leave you with a classical piece from the 18th Century by Austrian composer Johann Georg Albrechtsberger. This piece is the Finale - Allegro Molto of the Concerto for Jew's Harp, Mandora and Orchestra in F Major. It features Fritz Mayr on Jew's Harp, Dieter Kirsch on Mandora and the Munich Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Hans Stadlmair.

That's all for now. Keep me posted with your endeavours so I can let others know. Happy boingoing!


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